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News about The World Barista Championship

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MR SEMINO AND LA MARZOCCO – The Italian champion
trains for the World Barista Championship finals

PIAN DI SAN BARTOLO (Firenze/Florence, Italy) – Mr Mariano Semino, the Italian barista champion, spent two days visiting the La Marzocco factory near Florence, Italy, accompanied by Enrico Wurm (Junior Area Manager) and Ettore Scagliola (responsible for technical formation).  Semino had the opportunity to observe the distinctive atmosphere surrounding the production line at La Marzocco , which is noted for its unique environment, unique like the machines that it produces, which are sold in over 50 countries around the world.  La Marzocco is not a large factory producing standardized products, but rather akin to an artisan’s workshop, where each component is cared for and each machine built with renaissance-like attention.

Semino was amazed to see the inside of a machine, and to examine the inner workings of each component.   Indeed, the champion did not expect such accuracy in regards to details, much less the avant-garde techniques employed.  Semino, moreover, appreciated the sound nature of the machines, united with their classic and essential designs.

On his second day at La Marzocco , Semino performed several trial sessions with various blends that he plans on bringing  to Tokyo .  The Italian champion was very satisfied by the results in the cup, which were obtained by using factory settings (standard coffee boiler temperature and steam pressure settings).  Furthermore, he was quite impressed by the recovery time between one steam session and another when frothing milk.

Semino, similarly to other first time users of a La Marzocco machine, confessed that he had to get used to the incredible amount of  steam, but once he got a hand at it, his Latte Art proved to meet no match, making him a top challenge at the world championship.  The Italian barista champion appreciated also the possibility to modify the extraction temperature by modifying programming suitably located on the machine display.  He carried out the procedure under the supervision of the two La Marzocco representatives and found an optimal extraction temperature for the secret blend he will take to the finals in Tokyo .  Semino realized, however, that the factory settings proved to be the most favourable ones, which will in fact be on the machines in Japan .

Satisfied by such an intense experience, Semino will practice over the next several weeks on a GB5, which is similar in every detail to the machines that await him in Tokyo.

La Marzocco was founded in 1927 (now is the 80th year ) by the Bambi brothers and from the beginning has specialized in producing handmade espresso coffee machines with meticulous attention aimed at excellence, a quality cup and style.
The company is located in Pian di San Bartolo , in the vicinity of Florence, Italy, and has offices in Milan and Seattle .
La Marzocco has 35 employees and produces espresso coffee machines and grinders, which are currently exported to more than 50 countries with the support of importers and distributors, making La Marzocco ’s presence known in 5 continents.   La Marzocco is the official sponsor of the World Barista Championship (WBC).


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